When did myschools.nyc become my homepage?

NYC public school system has the best high schools in the country. Those schools continue to be exceptional because they get to pick their students. The top schools are a bunch of Allstar teams. There are also many schools that are struggling because their students are struggling economically, environmentally, and for health reason, too often without a roof over their head or food on the table.

So I search and search and search for a good school with many opportunities and a warm and welcoming community. I put stars on ones that might match my 8th graders interest. Then I look at the #of applicants per seat. ☠️

There is this high demand for the top schools that creates the bottom schools that accept anyone who walk through the door. It’s unfair to everyone that this system exists. The system perpetuates the inequality and segregation in this city school system. We need to spread these students into community schools. We need all schools to have the resources to meet the needs of all our students.

I feel bad to be apart of this system.

Time Marches on

I believe that we would be better off if we as a country stayed on Day lite Saving Time. This darkness at 5:30 is crazy.

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica takes new meaning as a 47 year old father of 2 boys.

How does a social network die?

In the beginning Twitter felt different and more geeky. In 2006 not everyone was posting everything online and corporations were not trying to grab every bit of attention of our minds.

I have learned so much and enjoyed the way twitter can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to follow edu and bike and transit twitter you can. If you want to doom scroll during a pandemic you can.

I don’t know if twitter will make it through the Elon phase. I feel for a company that just lost a massive amount of its people. I hope I can find that geeky joy somewhere on the internet

Saturday in Brooklyn

It is starting to get back to normal here in Brooklyn.

I am fully vaccinated now. Thanks Dolly Parton!

Bicycles in NYC

New York City is the greatest city in the world. But the way that politicians treat bicycles and pedestrians needs a drastic rethinking.

Almost 100 years of cars has made it unsafe to be in the streets of NYC. Streets are not made for cars. Streets are the shared public space of the city and need to serve all people.

Existential Dread

We must not wait in this feeling too long. We must use this time to get angry. To build up the energy to fight. Fight the Corporations and big money that continue to take power and profit out of the sweat, blood and death of workers. Fight racism in out our families and communities, finding a new language to share. Demanding a language and action of human dignity and equality.

The anger builds into action, organizing, changing the little things around us. Building communities of action and belonging. Welcoming all who share our goals of human dignity and equality. We must build communities everywhere.

There is no safe space. There is no back to normal. We have ignored this cancer for too long.

Please Vote

There really is no reason to not vote. We need to hear the voice of the people of the United States. We need to be clear about what America is and what America believes.

I believe you should vote for Biden. The other choice is the choice of racism, fascist and end of American ideas of equality and freedom( we never complete the these ideals we were at least striving towards them).