Existential Dread

We must not wait in this feeling too long. We must use this time to get angry. To build up the energy to fight. Fight the Corporations and big money that continue to take power and profit out of the sweat, blood and death of workers. Fight racism in out our families and communities, finding a new language to share. Demanding a language and action of human dignity and equality.

The anger builds into action, organizing, changing the little things around us. Building communities of action and belonging. Welcoming all who share our goals of human dignity and equality. We must build communities everywhere.

There is no safe space. There is no back to normal. We have ignored this cancer for too long.

Please Vote

There really is no reason to not vote. We need to hear the voice of the people of the United States. We need to be clear about what America is and what America believes.

I believe you should vote for Biden. The other choice is the choice of racism, fascist and end of American ideas of equality and freedom( we never complete the these ideals we were at least striving towards them).

Teaching During a Pandemic

The past 8 months of teaching have been exhausting. I wish we had leadership in the NYC DOE that prepared us for opening in September. Unfortunately we do not.

I am looking to find ways to create community within my remote classrooms. Building community is hard. The students do not turn on their cameras. I do not blame them or force them to. That could be another layer of trauma for them I am not willing to put them through that. What I am looking for is was that can express who they are asynchronously. They need to feel like they are apart of a class.

Summer Wanes, Especially for Teachers

As August winds down, a new and exciting year is about to begin in classrooms across NYC. As a teacher, I look forward to all the potential and hopefulness of a new year. I get to try new projects and lessons, learn from new students and try and do things a little bit better. I will try and share the struggles and success here.

I have been living without deadlines or routines for 2 months. I will miss the summer and will soak up every last bit of it. A new school year is almost here.

American Hell

Yesterday Prof. Ford testified in front of Senate Judiciary committee and accused Bret Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Bret Kavanaugh defending himself by claiming that this is a left wing smear campaign. We are trapped in this game of power without shame vs people of reason and compassion.

I want to just put this marker down, because this was the day Republicans dropped all pretense of impartial judiciary. The gig is up. If Dems ever gain power back there must be no slow going, no compromise, no letting off the gas. There is nothing to be gained by being moderate. In fact it’s the moderation and compromise during Obama years that is partially responsible for this mess.

Dems need to:

  • Put 15 judges on the Supreme Court
  • Accept Puerto Rico and D.C into the Union.
  • A constitutional amendment for voting, including a national holiday and representation for all U.S. territories and the removal of money from campaigns.
  • A constitutional amendment protecting a woman’s right to an abortion.
  • A repeal of the Electoral College.
  • Medicare for all
  • An environmental bill that flips U.S to renewable Energy in 10 years.
  • Immigration bill that gives citizenship to all immigrants and switches to a more progressive approach and abolishes I..C.E.
  • Justice reform that ends the war on drugs and emphasizes restorative justice over punishment.

It feels impossible for this country to change. But when you realize that this is the last gasp for power by old rich white men you know that if we fight for it, America can be better.

Teaching vs. Telling

The school year becomes so chaotic and granular that it’s hard not to swept up in the student’s memorization of facts. On Tuesday, June 5th my 10th grade students will took the Global Regents Transition exam.

I wonder in “covering” all the topics that I crammed in, how much teaching went on? How do I turn this information into discovery? How do I encourage curiosity ? How do empower their learning skills?