Here is a draft of how I am going to split the skills from the content in Social Studies this year.  I call the skills, “Thinking like a Historian”.  I will spend the fiirst month building the language of these skills in my classroom. Please comment on what might or might not work.

I still have to create rubrics and models ( examples) of what is Excellent, Satisfactory and Not Yet for these skills.
Goals: Students will have the skills and the practice to “Think like a Historian”.  Students will understand that History is a construct.  Students will construct their own personal histories.  Students will construct the History of the US.  Students will make connections between their history and US History. Students will identify the values of the events of American History.  Students will take issues and questions they see in their own lives / world and use “thinking like a Historian” skills to investigate these issues.  (e.g. police harassment of them- racism in police forces- ethnic groups that traditionally control police political positions – role of the police officer in society)

What are the skills the students need to develop in order to “Think like a Historian”?

These skills are to be honed, improved, pushed forward all year long.
Students will complete these Outcomes:

A.  Reading: Students need to be able to read primary and secondary sources.
  1. Primary Source:
    • Who created this document?
    • Why did they create this document?
    • When did they create this document?
    • What is this document trying to say?
  2. Secondary Source:
    1. Who created this document?
    2. When did they create this document?
    3. Why did they create this document?
    4. What is the author trying to say?
    5. What evidence does the author use to prove their idea?

B. Writing: Students need to be able to write like a Historian.  This requires them to write  a well organized essay that constructs the how and or why of history using primary and secondary evidence.

1.  What Connections are there

2. What evidence is relevant?

C. Listening: Students need to develop skills to listen to each other and engage

in constructive conversations.
2.  Note taking strategies and skills.
D. Speaking: During discussions and oral presentation. 
E. Questioning: Students use prior knowledge to create questions that will help find a deeper more complex understanding of the historical event, artifact, person, era, or source.
What are the Themes that the students will investigate during US History and Government?
These have to be constructed by the students.  With guidance and coaching to support their understanding
  1. Geography: humans relationship to physical environment
  2. Civics: forms of government
  3. Technology
  4. Change
  5. Culture