Yesterday Prof. Ford testified in front of Senate Judiciary committee and accused Bret Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Bret Kavanaugh defending himself by claiming that this is a left wing smear campaign. We are trapped in this game of power without shame vs people of reason and compassion.

I want to just put this marker down, because this was the day Republicans dropped all pretense of impartial judiciary. The gig is up. If Dems ever gain power back there must be no slow going, no compromise, no letting off the gas. There is nothing to be gained by being moderate. In fact it’s the moderation and compromise during Obama years that is partially responsible for this mess.

Dems need to:

  • Put 15 judges on the Supreme Court
  • Accept Puerto Rico and D.C into the Union.
  • A constitutional amendment for voting, including a national holiday and representation for all U.S. territories and the removal of money from campaigns.
  • A constitutional amendment protecting a woman’s right to an abortion.
  • A repeal of the Electoral College.
  • Medicare for all
  • An environmental bill that flips U.S to renewable Energy in 10 years.
  • Immigration bill that gives citizenship to all immigrants and switches to a more progressive approach and abolishes I..C.E.
  • Justice reform that ends the war on drugs and emphasizes restorative justice over punishment.

It feels impossible for this country to change. But when you realize that this is the last gasp for power by old rich white men you know that if we fight for it, America can be better.